Friday, May 30, 2014

Growing up

One child is still this precocious little girl we adopted.  June will make 10 years we traveled to  China to adopt her, and I still see that little baby in the things she does...  she is in the between stage of a little child and a young woman...  and she moves back and forth between the two as she pleases, because neither persona is "her" at this moment.  Or rather, both personas are "her".  But she is definitely finding herself, at the same time just being herself.  

Monday, January 06, 2014

My daughters are growing up.  I haven't posted in a loooooooong time. Time to catch up. And I'm going to become even more active as time goes by.

I have been off to take care of many issues here at home.  In the meantime, the kids are growing and becoming quite the little ladies.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Paul Krugman is a die-hard progressive who believes that DEATH PANELS & SALES TAXES  are the answer to the government’s problems with the rising cost of healthcare.  His statements on TV programs and to groups he speaks to (not long ago he was speaking to a synagogue – go to Youtube and do a search on his name and death panels, or just click on the link) he says that we are going to HAVE to have death panels to get control of the healthcare costs, now that we have government funded healthcare. 
For those of you not familiar with death panels, they are based on what is called the Complete Lives System(do a search on the internet, or just click on the link), whereby the age and productiveness of an individual determine what kind of healthcare you will receive, if you get any at all.  The idea  is that those who are 15 – 40 years old are at the optimal time of their lives, able to produce the most, so they are the ones who will have the most choices as to what healthcare will be available to them. The top of the bell curve is around the age of 25 - 30 years old.  This is being represented as steps taken to ensure that younger and older people do not get medical care because in the opinion of the panels, it does not  do any good medically. 
Hey, tell that to those elderly people who need a heart operation, or cataract surgery, or a hip replacement.  Or to the parents of the newborn who needs to be on life support because it was born too early.
The TRUTH, which is not being spoken, is that the government has no use for someone who is not producing / doing any work which is perceived as useful by the government, and therefore  you won’t be given any procedures that will cost more than the government will be able to recoup.  If you read the information on the Complete Lives System, those who are around 15 years old are the ones who begin to get an increased amount of healthcare, because there has been an investment in these youngsters in the form of education. 

OK, for those of you who don’t understand this, the “investment” in kids around 15 years old is the progressive stink-think of indoctrination that has been going on in our schools and colleges for decades.  Why do you think we have so many young people (and even college professors) who do not teach our kids HOW to think, but rather WHAT to think.  If you don’t repeat what they tell you to believe, you are given a failing grade. 
I wonder what would happen if more young people went through these courses standing up for what is right, rather than spout the dribble and hate that many of these brainless nitwit rejects espouse, and with most of the students failing – I think it would actually reflect badly on the professor and the college, rather than the students.  Just think,  every college campus having millions of bright and highly intelligent students failing because they actually have brains enough to disagree with stupidity.  But I am dreaming…

These death panels are exactly what Sarah Palin had been ridiculed by the left for…but Palin was telling the truth.  And now the left is beginning to come forward and admit that what she was saying was EXACTLY correct. 
And, get ready for it folks…  there are those who are now putting forward that we have a NATIONAL SALES TAX!  Alright, kiddies – this will affect those of us who are not rich the worst (present company included).  We don’t have a lot of money – spent most of it adopting our kids and paying for their school, food, clothes, extra-curricular activities, etc……    But now, they want to fund the healthcare system by imposing a “value-added” tax, which is what they are calling the National Sales Tax idea…   yeah… how sweet.  MORE FREAKING TAXES.  Obama only said he wouldn’t RAISE taxes on the middle class… he didn’t say he wouldn’t create new ones.  

Y’all need to learn to read between the lines.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Genesis 3 - a must see video

I saw this video at church and searched Youtube for it.  It is probably one of the very best interpretations of the fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden that I have ever seen.  Please watch!


Friday, September 07, 2012

Cirque Shanghai on Labor Day

We saw Cirque Shanghai at Chicago's Navy Pier again this year (also saw them last year).  I was able to take a few pics of the show (photography is allowed without flash, and no video taping!) before my camera got hot.  It kept shutting down on me several times claiming there was an error.  I'll have to have it checked out because I love this camera for a point-and-shoot.

Anyway - this year's show was even better than last year's... and last year's was good.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

On the way back home, we again stopped at a KFC for their buffet lunch.  Roy was talking about the photo book that Richelle's orphanage had given us, with pictures of her as a baby, and pics of her as a little toddler, and he remembered a picture of one of her poops.

To which Richelle quipped, "Let me guess... below it said 'Actual size'.  And you had to fold out the page."

Where does an 8 year old get this kind of humor????  I didn't pee my pants this time, but we couldn't talk for a while for laughing with tears flowing down my face.