Sunday, February 28, 2010

6 Years Old!!! And a heron....

Richelle had her party yesterday. She had a few friends show up for the roller skating - and the kids had a great time. She kept saying all day "I'm the birthday girl."

Wished I'd had a video camera that day - Richelle was really speeding along roller skating, and having the time of her life. Here are some pics to show for it.

Finally, this morning, when coming back from taking my mother her medication, I saw a HUGE bird flying down to a small pond in our area. I pulled over and got my camera out to see a blue heron. Took some pics of it. I was surprised that it didn't fly away as I approached the pond... but it simply watched me. I didn't go too close - I didn't want it to fly away - but being early morning and heavily overcast, and only having my Sony Cybershot available, I wanted to take advantage of whatever pic I could get.

I love big birds.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Year of the Tiger

I'm late in posting this. Last Saturday, we had our FCC celebration for the Lunar New Year. As anyone probably knows by now, it's the year of the Tiger. The girls still have some Chinese silks that fit... and I wish I'd bought a ton of silk dresses when we were there last. I can only hope we'll return to China again soon for a vacation trip and to connect with our daughters' orphanages.

Anyway - back to now. I have some really cute pics of the girls from that night. They were in seventh heaven running around in their silks. Richelle looked at herself in the mirror and was proud to be a Chinese girl. I'm glad they take such joy in their heritage and their race.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Snow Day...

Oh joy. Oh rapture.

If they are having trouble clearing the roads, strap a snow plow onto my Accord and let me help.


No, really..... PLEASE!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

Last night when I went to bed, it was just spitting snow... nothing to even give a second thought to. Overnight, I think we got around 5 inches... and it has continued to snow all day - I would bet the total accumulation to this minute is around 7-8 inches. It is expected to continue snowing and there is supposed to be flurries tomorrow morning.

The kids have been pining for snow... and Roy got a very rare day off from work, so as he is shoveling snow for the second time today, the kids are outside wallowing in the white stuff and pummeling their dad with whatever makeshift snowballs they can get together. (The snow is very powdery.) Richelle literally fell face first in it - falling as if she were a board, on purpose.

Richelle's cheeks turn red the second she's in the cold. Kenzie is really more interested in shoveling the driveway with dad...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just the way God made her

I just got through sending out birthday party invites for Richelle's birthday party. I sure hope some kids show up... it seems Richelle doesn't get along well with some of the other kids. But then, I don't think it's all her fault. A lot of the kids her teacher has this year seem to have problems with their behavior. One girl had scratched Richelle on her stomach and back. Another likes to write on her desk with markers. Some kids like to steal away her toys she is playing with during tub time.

Of course, Richelle isn't an angel, either. Last time I got a note from the teacher about Richelle, it said she was sticking her fingers in everyone's food at lunch time. How nice. I just hope she washed her hands before lunch.

I'm just glad these kids have 12 more years to grow up a little before they are legally called "adults".

I remember when I turned six... I had a birthday party. I hated it. My mom bought all these really cool toy gifts for the kids who came. I got stuff, but what I really wanted with all my heart was a play makeup kit. If I had gotten one, I just know mom would have thrown it away or given it to some other kid. All I wanted was to be a girly-girl... and I felt so un-girly. Go figure. I kind of think Richelle is a lot like that. She wants all the fru-fru dresses, and to wear lipstick & fingernail polish, and to have her hair done in ponytails or bows. She loves all the frills of being a girl.

I guess I'm guilty of trying to make sure she has the nice things little girls seem to love. I don't want her to feel like I did when I was a kid. I don't dress her up like a prostitot... but a little sheer lip gloss doesn't hurt if it makes her feel pretty.

They funny thing is that Richelle has been asking why there are differences in the way she and Kenzie look. I've told her that that is the way God made her. That she is perfect just the way she is and this is how she is supposed to look. I have to say that where Kenzie is thin and muscular, Richelle is padded with a little extra baby fat. So, I was shocked when she said to her daddy last night, "I can't help if I have big boobies, because that's the way God made me. Right, mommy?"


Friday, February 05, 2010


Yesterday was the final guardianship hearing for my mother.

Richard, Bill, and Erica were there. As my lawyer, Roy, and I walked off the elevator, I saw Richard talking on his cell phone. I hadn't seen him since Dad's memorial... and my first impression was Jabba the Hut with really ugly designer glasses.

Richard must not be doing well, because he looked terrible.

Richard was angry that his lawyer wasn't there. Evidently, Richard tried to tell the judge that he was unaware of the very court date he was at, that he hadn't received any notice about the court date... what the???? He said his attorney told him to ask for a continuance. (That was what Bill had asked for at the first court date.) He also told the judge that his attorney had filed some kind of motion with the court.

The judge told Richard that he hadn't received any filings from the attorney and no notice that there would be any representation. Then the judge called Richard's lawyer, putting him on speaker phone, and talked with him about what kind of motion he had filed and why he wasn't at the court. The lawyer told the judge he didn't know about the court date, it was his impression that guardianship had already been conferred and they were going to sue for co-guardianship or at the very least request that they get a semi-annual accounting of mom's finances.

While the lawyer was on the phone, the judge said he was ready to rule and grant guardianship to me with no restrictions. Richard didn't understand what that meant, so the judge gave Richard time to go out into the hall outside the courtroom to call his lawyer and ask him what it meant.

When Richard came back, he said he agreed to the judge's ruling. So I am now mom's guardian, no restrictions.

The judge warned them that if they wished to sue for c0-guardianship, they needed to do so promptly... something the judge said three times to them.

We gave the court all kinds of documentation... a list of and copies of cash receipts, mileage log (beginning in September when mom was moved into Sterling house), an accounting of her checking account receipts and expenditures, a list of her assets and their value, and copies of mom's Mini Mental Status Exams she has taken over the last 2 years. Those copies also went to Richard and Bill.

When it was all over with, my lawyer, Roy and I were talking in the hallway about what happens when they sue for co-guardianship. She was explaining to me what to expect when Richard comes up and says, "You look great!" and "Give me a hug."

OMG. I had no idea what to say. Here is someone who in the last several emails was so vile to me that I just had to shake my head in disbelief - and now he was acting like everything was peachy. That is typical of Richard. Say anything you want to anyone who is in your way, and then everyone is supposed to just let it go and act like everything is fine. What, you only hate my guts in emails, but we can be lovey-dovey sibs outside of the ether world?

I won't go into what happened, but suffice it to say neither Richard nor I are going to change in our stances to each other. My attorney told me that she thought I was crazy for filing for guardianship when I had power of attorney - but when she saw what I was dealing with, she then understood why I took this step.