Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fun at the hairdressers and after

Kenzie got her haircut last night. I thought it was looking a bit scraggly - so I decided to make a change. She went crazy jumping for me... and I decided to take some pics of her jumping. I am amazed at how far she can jump... and looking at the pics I can see why... she puts everything she has into it.

Afterwards, I got pics of her goofing off at home. She loves the new do... and thinks she looks like an older kid.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pics from our trip

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Video of Kenzie at Navy Pier

On Labor Day, we went to Navy Pier. They had a small stage set up in the front part, and Kenzie wanted to participate in a game she watched them play. When we first got there, she saw kids playing "Pass the Stinky Fish" - which was played like Hot Potato. We came back 2 hours after she had first seen it so that she might have a chance to play. She got picked to go up on the stage.

So, she is up on stage - and from one of the pics I took, she looked stage struck. But she was very competitive and had been able to pick up on the object of the game quickly. However, she got caught holding the fish after 2 rounds of music. What she did when she had to leave made everyone in the audience fall in love with her. You can't hear it very well, but there was a huge 'AAAAAWWWWW" from the entire crowd.

When she came back to her seat, she said, "I won." I didn't tell her otherwise. She sees herself as a winner... and I think everyone else did, too.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Lincoln Park Zoo

Well... Yesterday was a hoot.

We had perfect weather, not too hot, a nice breeze blowing off of Lake Michigan. Just gorgeous.

I have some neat pics to post when I get back home. I will tell you one thing... if a rhino starts spraying piss - leave - move - get the heck outta there. We saw a female rhino that was spraying pee all over some rocks.. and it didn't take long to find out that IT STANK! Some miniscule molecules must have been blowing in the air, because all day I kept thinking I smelled like rhino piss... it had to be stuck in my olfactory. Eeeeuuw.

Lincoln Park Zoo is free... if you drive there, you only pay for the parking. And the parking isn't that expensive. But I'm here to tell you, try to get there as early as you can to get a good parking place, or you'll be walking a long distance just to get a spot to park.

I can't wait to get home so I can get the pictures up.

This morning, it's raining outside. So we are going to Navy Pier. They have a Children's Museum, and a few other things we might want to see.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

We're in Chicago!!!

We decided to make last minute plans to go to Chicago! We had no idea how Kenzie would do with traveling so far and literally not much to do... but she was such a trooper! I was amazed. She slept quite a bit, but she also kept herself entertained. We stopped probably 4 times along the way so she could use the restrooms and stretch her legs... and it wouldn't seem so long a trip. Poor thing slept while we went through Chicago, so she didn't get to see the big skyscrapers as we went past.

We originally booked a room at a Days Inn in Niles, IL. It is located at 6450 Touhey Ave... and if someone took a bomb and wiped this motel off the face of the earth, that would be fine with me. We checked in and when we got in the room, none of the lights, nor the TV, nor the clock worked in the front part of the room. The water was lukewarm coming out of the faucets.

I don't need fancy to be happy... just want the water to be hot, the air conditioning (or heat) to work, and to have lights and TV. That's all. It could be the Bates motel for all I care - just give me what you say you're going to give me.

They told us that a water pipe was busted, and the water had been shut off to the whole building. (Why in the H$!! did they put us in a room where the water had been shut off and only just now turned back on... and yet the water still wasn't hot?)

They moved us to another room - about 1/2 the size, and it didn't have the amenities that I had origially paid for. I don't need to tell you... we left.

Oh, and they advertised a "Free Continental Breakfast". It was a small box of cereal and some milk. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

Just down the street, there was a Holiday Inn. This was almost twice the price for the room per night, but at least everything worked, and it is certainly a lot nicer than the last place. The only downside is that the room entrances are all located on the inside of the hotel, and our room is RIGHT OUTSIDE AN INDOOR SWIMMING POOL THAT STAYS OPEN UNTIL 11 PM! AAAAAAAUUUUUURRRRRRGGGGHHHH! And believe me, they used it until 11 pm.

Kenzie's comment - at 10 pm - was, "Mommy, why is there so much noise outside?!?"

I hope to be able to post pics of our trip later... But so far, it has been fairly good... considering.