Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'll be unavailable for awhile...

This is just to let you know that I probably won't post again until we get to China. I just don't have any time right now - and as much as I'd love to pine away about all the crap I have to do yet... I don't have time... LOL! Broken record.

I love you all.... and am looking forward to sharing our story with you.

Jia, we are on our way, honey.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween costume contest

Well, it's that time of year again. Ivytech had their Halloween party (it's for the general public, and of course, since my hubby works there, we have to go!

I remember in year's past when, if we got a face mask - and maybe a flimsy outfit, we were lucky. Most of the time, it seems we made up our own costumes. In retrospect, those were the very best ones. They took imagination and creativity - and it was a heck of a lot more fun finding things we already had to use in making a costume than just picking one out at a store.

I looked at lots of costumes - Walmart, K-mart, Target... I liked maybe one or two. But the cost was unbelievable...

So this year I decided I would make her into something from what we had around the house. She had overalls that had a big hole in the knee that still fit her. She had long johns that fit her. A friend allowed me to have one of her hats - and she said I could do whatever I wanted to with it (so of course I tore it up a bit and frazzled it in places). I bought her boots and a small galvanized pail. In the pail, we stuffed a small amount of newspaper in the bottom, and then we had plastic play veggies (carrot, tomato, corn on the cob, and bell pepper) in the tub, with a red bandana (I have lots of bandanas to choose from). We had the hairclips in pretty pink and white check to put in her hair. I picked out the pink bandana to tie around her neck. I did her hair in two braids. I also put a hairclip that had a pretty flower in it on her hat. A little pencil eyeliner for the freckles, and below is the result.

They had age categories for the kids to be judged in their costumes. Kenzie was in the 4-6 year olds. All of the kids just walked across in front of the judges, with the exception of one boy who had a batman costume - which, when you pulled two strings, the wings popped out. I told Kenzie she was to walk to about the middle and greet the judges (in her best hillbilly accent). She was supposed to say "Howdy, y'all!" Instead, she jumped up and down while waving her hat in the air and shouted "Yeeehaw!" OK, that will do. She also did her "top model" walk (in which basically she wiggles her hips back and forth) and she did that very well... looking every bit the farmer's daughter, walking lazily through her chores. All this to a lot of "Awwwwww... Isn't she cute!?"

Well, the judges conferred. I was close enough to hear what was going on... there was a young man and two young women doing the judging. The young man was convinced that the batman costume was the one to win - after all, it had gadgets that opened up (leave it up to a guy to be impressed by something mechanical). The other two ladies had other ideas. I overheard them say, "But remember, one of the criteria we are judging on is originality..." and then they looked back at Kenzie again with big smiles on their faces....

It looks like the ladies were able to sway the guy over to their side. Without having to spend $30-$40 on an outfit, she won 1st place in her age group.

I just love it when imagination rules! And it helps that I have a darn cute kid as well. I have the Youtube video of the evening here...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been tagged...

I'm supposed to tell 7 things about me. So.... here goes.

1. I played violin from the time I was about 11 years old until I got out of high school. I wasn't awful - probably pretty good - but it wasn't my passion in life. I really wished I'd kept up with it and learned instead how to fiddle (fiddlers have more fun).

2. My first passion in life was dancing. I always loved it and regret to this day I never got dance lessons in tap, ballet, and jazz. I wished my parents had given me dance lessons instead of violin lessons. To this day, I can't sit still when I hear a certain beat that makes you want to get up and boogie. (Sorry for the 70's lingo.)

3. For half of my adult life, I weighed 105 pounds. Yeah, I find it hard to believe now, too.

4. I used to swear like a sailor. Now I swear like a mother.

5. I based my decision to work in a job all my life upon the perceptions of my parents that I'd had when I was 5 years old. It was at that time that I began wondering what I'd do with my life when I got older. I looked at my mother, who was always unhappy and for whom nothing was good enough or right. Oh, she had her moments when she was happy with something, like when she got her way about something, but for the most part, she really resented being tied down with 2 kids and it wasn't her idea of what she wanted to be doing. (I still don't know what the heck she would have been doing if she hadn't been a wife and mother - she hated working.) My dad, on the other hand, was happy. He was happy most of the time (with few exceptions). Since he had a job and made money and got out of the house (and wasn't tied down to the kids all day long), and mom stayed home with us and seemed to be pretty unhappy - I decided that I wanted to work in a job or have a career instead of being a mom. Unfortunately, no one knew that the problem with my mother was that she was clinically depressed and needed medication. Maybe if they'd had the depression meds back then that they'd had today, she would have been happier and I would have been more open to being a mother from the very beginning. As it was, my decision to have a career instead of kids led to almost 30 years of feeling empty and missing something in life that was important to my being a woman. And that was being a mother. I now can't believe that as a 5 year old, I made a decision that deprived me of so much joy in life... Fortunately, God stepped in and changed all that.

6. I had always doubted my ability to be a good mother. When my youngest brother started living with a woman who'd had a child by another man (Bill knew she was pregnant by another man when he first moved in with her - which brings up a myriad of things I'd like to say but won't here), I began to make time to spend with the child. At some point, when she was about 11 -12 months old, I began keeping her overnight, and the bond between us grew very strong. I used to bring her up to my parents' house (who the child called Papaw and Mamaw) to visit with them - they adored her. It was at one of these visits that my father said, "You would have made a wonderful mother." I can't tell you what that did for me. Between falling in love with that little girl and my father recognizing and confirming that my actions were of a loving mother, I knew firmly at that point that I had missed out on the most important thing a woman can do with her life.

7. I am 52 years old and I don't dye my hair. No need to. My hair is my natural color - and so far no white or gray in it. I don't expect that to last very long after we adopt our second daughter, though... So, which is better? L'Oreal or Ms. Clairol?

OK, now I'm supposed to tag some people... Oh, my - I'm such a recluse. Here goes...

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Now, if you've already been tagged, just ignore me. I'm used to it. LOL!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thought Police from Obama's Camp

This video doesn't have much video - but the content of what is said is worth listening to. It is a from a radio talk show and you will be SHOCKED at what you hear.

This is too close to what any communist regime does - All you have to do is talk trash about the government or the officials in charge, and you get the Secret Police (or in this case, the Secret Service) threatening you, or worse, in Russia or China, you are thrown into a jail cell without due process.

Does the Secret Service actually have the right to trample on the constitutional rights of those who are falsely accused by someone who, because of her (blind) support for Obama, and because she doesn't like someone's (contrary) opinion about him, she can make a false accusation and not be held accountable for HER actions/words? Is this what we can expect from Obama if he becomes president?

Our nation and its rights are being pissed on by the liberal fascists.

And it appears that Obama's camp can and will get away with this...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We have travel dates!


We'll be leaving on Nov 3 to go to China two days earlier than the group. We need to have some down time to just relax and catch up to the time zone... and give Kenzie plenty of time to unwind. We don't have all our travel info yet - no itinerary while we are in China, so I don't know. We will return on Nov 19.

Now I have a list of things that I have to get prior to going, finish up with my work stuff before leaving, vote early, make arrangements with the house-sitter, and, most of all, stay calm.

Breathe... just breathe. It is happening - and soon we will be a family of four.

I can hardly wait to blog about our trip! I'm so excited... I can hardly think straight.

Friday, October 10, 2008

This election counts for more than just a presidency

I am parting from my normal blog here to embed a video I saw on Youtube that is just stunning.

In my opinion, the information contained here in this video is so vitally important to know in order to make a better choice as to who to vote for - or in this case, at least who NOT to vote for for President. I'm not usually a very politically outspoken person - I guess I'm one of those who are considered, as Reagan put it, the silent majority. But this time, I think it is important to know how disingenuous one candidate is, and how he is not taking responsibility for his role in the crises - he blames others, but not himself.

The fundamentals of our country are at stake. And what I saw here absolutely left my jaw on the floor...

And then, there is a young man who I think is very well spoken and gets his points across with a healthy dose of humor - but is also very much on the mark for his presentations. His Youtube Channel is machosauceproductions. He is not only entertaining, but understands well the hypocrisy of political parties and political affiliations. I highly recommend watching this video - you will not only laugh, but you'll find yourself probably nodding in agreement over several of his points.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Consulate appointment

OMIGOSH! We got word that our consulate date (not yet confirmed) is November 17. We're almost there. We just need confirmation on travel dates.

Yippeeee! OH, Jia... we're coming and soon you'll have a family. And WE will have YOU!

It looks like we'll be able to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in China, as well as Kenzie's birthday (we'll probably have to do it a day early - we'll be leaving China on the 18th, the day after the consulate date).

Nothing compares to the feelings you have with each step of the adoption as you get closer and closer to actually going and being there.

There's still so much to do...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just for the record...

This morning Kenzie said, "Mama, did you notice I haven't jumped or bounced on the bed?" And she went immediately to the bathroom after eating breakfast and fixed her own toothbrush and brushed her teeth without having to be told. I made sure that she knew I was very proud of her and that she behaved very well this morning. HUGS all around...

I'm sitting here with the biggest grin on my face. She is so precious.

But it begs the question... am I going to be a good mama to the second child? Will I have some kind of magic or insight that will help me with any problems I have with her? I don't believe lightening is going to strike twice in our family and we'll be given a sweet and easy-going child - she's going to be far different than Kenzie was... of that I am sure. I am praying hard (and reading all I can to prepare myself) that I will be up to this challenge.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Isn't punishment supposed to hurt?

OK, so - this morning, I'm trying to dress Kenzie, and she's in her usual feisty mood wanting to play instead of getting ready for school.

She started jumping up and down on the bed. I said, "Kenzie, don't jump on the bed."

So, instead of jumping on the bed, she throws herself backwards on the bed. "Don't push it Kenzie - if you're not allowed to jump you're also not allowed to throw yourself backwards. It's almost the same and you're old enough to know that by now."

"Ok Mama." So what does she do? She simple throws her feet out from under herself and drops on the bed. Grinning from ear to ear and watching me carefully...

M: [taking a deeeeeep breath and staying calm and speaking slowly] "Kenzie, I told you not to jump on the bed and not to throw yourself on the bed. What you just did is pushing the envelope and comes close to throwing yourself on the bed. Since you like to push your luck, you won't get any TV tonight. That is your punishment for not taking me seriously."

K: "So when do I get TV back?"

M: "I just said that it was for tonight only. But, if you continue to disobey me when I say no to something, or you push the limits of what I am telling you not to do, then I'll take some other privilege away from you. Do you understand?"

K: Yes Mama. What's a privilege?"

M: "It's what Daddy and I allow you to do. Like watching TV, or playing with toys, or playing on the computer - things you like to do for fun but aren't necessary for your well-being."

K: "I know! I know what you can take away from me! First the TV, then the computer, then..."

M: "Kenzie, you don't get to make the decision as to what is taken away. Mommy and Daddy do. You are a child, and there are some things you just don't get to choose. Mommy and Daddy will make certain decisions about your life, and what discipline we use to correct your behavior is one of those decisions."

K: "OK, Mama. So, tonight I get no TV. And if I disobey you tomorrow morning?"

M: "Then I'll probably take away your playing with your toys."

K: " Yippeeeee!"

Yes, you read that right....

M: (Laughing) "So you're happy I'll take away privileges?"

K: "Yes!"

M: "Just know that Mommy and Daddy love you and will use discipline to help you understand that you can't do whatever you want, so if you break the rules or disobey us, you will have privileges taken away. We don't want you to get older thinking you can break the law and thinking you can get away with it. You can end up in jail for doing something wrong. We want you to know that your decisions have consequences... sometimes they are good consequences, such as when you decide to eat an apple for a snack instead of potato chips. The good part is that you'll be healthier than the kids who only eat junk food. But if you make the choice to eat only junk foods, you can get fat and have lots of health problems. So, you need to make good choices for yourself."

K: "Ok Mama! And take away my privileges when I do wrong! Yippeeee!" Followed by lots of clapping and a big grin on her face...

That's not quite how it worked when I was a little girl. At least she's an enthusiastic participant.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Adult teeth coming in

Kenzie has one adult tooth (on the bottom, front, left side) that has broken through the skin and is growing out quickly. The problem is, it isn't under the primary tooth it is meant to replace. And the next tooth in the very front on the right is just under the skin (you can see the white of the tooth) and is almost broken through.

We went to the dentist and she says this happens once in a while to kids. The adult tooth is supposed to come up under the primary tooth and dissolve the root, thus making it easier for the primary tooth to come out. Kenzie's is only dissolving half the root from where it is. So the dentist recommended that she work that tooth loose for all she's got. If we can't get it out, they want to pull it (yikes!).

Last night she was working it and then stopped and said that it hurt. So I looked at it, and it was bleeding ever so slightly around the tooth itself. She must have loosened it quite a bit with a couple of really hard pushes... but after I got all excited about her tooth being so loose, and how she was getting her permanent teeth, and how I couldn't wait to see her new smile - she began to get downright silly and excited that she was going to lose a tooth and get "lots and lots of money!" Yeah, we do the tooth fairy thing.

And I thought she was just excited to be growing up.