Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just for the record...

This morning Kenzie said, "Mama, did you notice I haven't jumped or bounced on the bed?" And she went immediately to the bathroom after eating breakfast and fixed her own toothbrush and brushed her teeth without having to be told. I made sure that she knew I was very proud of her and that she behaved very well this morning. HUGS all around...

I'm sitting here with the biggest grin on my face. She is so precious.

But it begs the question... am I going to be a good mama to the second child? Will I have some kind of magic or insight that will help me with any problems I have with her? I don't believe lightening is going to strike twice in our family and we'll be given a sweet and easy-going child - she's going to be far different than Kenzie was... of that I am sure. I am praying hard (and reading all I can to prepare myself) that I will be up to this challenge.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to hear she isn't jumping on the bed today!

I had to laugh when I read the post about how she responded to losing a privilege...reminded me of my IRON-WILLED oldest who happily placed herself into the time-out chair back when she wasn't even quite two years old... I asked her, "Why are you sitting over there?" and she gleefully replied, "I in timeout! I wee'd my pants!"

Hadn't thought of that story in over a decade...hmmm...could really bug her NOW if I retold it some evening in front of the rest of the family.... (0:

Gail said...

Your right.
I have never heard of a child excited about privileges being taken away!!
However I think she did rethink it because there was no jumping the next morning!! You just have to chuckle.

I know you and Roy will do just fine with Josie. Just watching your video of when you got Kenzie and the 2 of you working together to try to get Kenzie to stop crying. You did it!!

Hopefully Josie will be easy going once she has transitioned to her new family.
I didn't think I would get another easy going child like Loren but I did! Abigail is such an easy baby to please.
It can happen!
I am very grateful.