Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Like a favorite blankie...

I have to thank my friends. You are like my favorite blankie - one that I love to wrap myself up in when I'm feeling cold or tired or down-hearted. Having all of you to be there and support me is a great feeling.

I love that people from our adoption group read the blog and post their support.

I love that others who share an interest in raising their children (bio or adopted) read the blog and share their support.

I love that other Chinese around the world read this blog and give me so much insight into our children's heritage and what it means to be Chinese. I can't give them that, but I can share your perspectives and messages. They will get some idea, at least.

You are all such a blessing.

As my blood relations dwindle in size through death or insufferable differences in philosophies and opinions, I find my family resides in you. I don't need blood to make a family...

Strange comments won't get posted

OK, I have to admit, there are a lot of things I won't tolerate.

I don't mind having this blog open so others can read about our daughters and see how they are doing. And I don't mind people leaving comments - relevant comments - about the posts.

However, there are some comments coming to me with their website embedded in their comment, or it is all in Chinese or some other Asian script, and since I don't know what is being said, and for goodness sake, folks, I can't tell what the meaning of the comment is when using an online translator... I'm not going to post it.

No matter how many times you guys try - it won't get posted. I go to the embedded websites to see what it is, and personally, I think it looks like soft porn, or an intro to a pornographic site. I can't tell, because I can't read it. But as long as I'm unsure, I won't post your comment.

Enough is enough. This is about my children - not your effing porno websites and your eff-ed up notion of how you want to portray Asian women. Why would anyone who is Asian want to have their women portrayed as whores, sluts and tramps?!!!!!!

It's time for the world to wake up. I am NOT a feminist - that is for sure - but I believe in women and their power to shape the world (the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world). I don't mean in a boardroom or as a CEO. Women have so much power over themselves and their children and (yes) even their husbands (if they know how to work it - with husbands, sex can be a beautiful thing, and very empowering, just by giving in to his masculinity. I am talking about a husband who loves you and cherishes you, not some creep who is using you, OK?).

I also believe that it's time for all of us to not stereotype Asian women. From the old movies to the current ones, Asian women are portrayed as cheap whores or evil dragon ladies - rarely is there a positive role for them. The time when we would think that the only thing they could say is "Ooooh, me so horny! Five dollah me love you long time." is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya hear me, Hollywood? If that is how you want to portray a race of women - then I can say that you aren't worth the money to buy the dvd third-hand, let alone see it in a theater. Very little good comes out of Hollywood, anyway.

I have two beautiful, SMART, funny and engaging daughters, and they are Chinese. They are going to have to work much harder to gain respect because of how Asians are portrayed in movies and on the internet. Worse - the thing that breaks my heart - is that the Asian women themselves denigrate their own integrity, beauty and worth as women to that of a cheap whore (go on Youtube and see what they are doing... it is so sad). Because of you, my daughters will have to fight these images even harder.

I'm just so pissed off right now. Women in general need to wake up. If you make your value as a person only worth what kind of sexual pleasure you give to others who have no interest in you other than the prurient, then you value yourself too cheaply. Trouble is, you also devalue the rest of us as well.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Strategy games

I think I've mentioned that we gave Richelle one of my old laptops after putting Windows 7 on it. Well, she's been exploring it.

She found a ton of games on it... and the one she loves to play (and has me scratching my head) is chess.

Now, my daddy loved to play chess. He loved the strategy and planning involved in making just one move. He always told me that you had to think several moves ahead in making up your mind which move to make.

I never caught on, even though he tried his best to teach me. But I found it boring... I had no patience and would get mad if I got my men captured and didn't win... I just had no stomach for it as a child. So I never really learned how to play the game.

However, Richelle found the chess game on her computer and LOVES it. She wants to play it all the time when she plays on the computer.

And she got a big kick out of playing the game for real - with game pieces and all. So, I need to get online and search for the rules of chess (I've forgotten most of it... and can't remember a lot of the moves, other than how each individual piece moves). It would be great if she developed a love of the game and continued with the play.

Although Spring is finally here... I am not feeling the love yet. I am having a bout with ennui - just not enough stimulation. I helped Roy with some of his tax prep when it got down to crunch time... but it's not enough. We're planning on what to do with the kids for the summer... and that's not enough. I'm not sure that there is anything I can do that will get this boredom out of my system. We took the kids to the zoo - that was fun - but they spent more time playing on the playground and eating than they did looking at animals. What the heck - it's their time to do what they like - what matters is that they have fun.

Oh good grief! A guy just came walking into Panera with his hair all colored bright green. I'm sure that makes him feel like he's "special." On that note, I'm going to skeedaddle and get ready for tonight. I have to work the carnival for the elementary school serving food.


Told you I had ennui, didn't I?