Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Like a favorite blankie...

I have to thank my friends. You are like my favorite blankie - one that I love to wrap myself up in when I'm feeling cold or tired or down-hearted. Having all of you to be there and support me is a great feeling.

I love that people from our adoption group read the blog and post their support.

I love that others who share an interest in raising their children (bio or adopted) read the blog and share their support.

I love that other Chinese around the world read this blog and give me so much insight into our children's heritage and what it means to be Chinese. I can't give them that, but I can share your perspectives and messages. They will get some idea, at least.

You are all such a blessing.

As my blood relations dwindle in size through death or insufferable differences in philosophies and opinions, I find my family resides in you. I don't need blood to make a family...

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