Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thought Police from Obama's Camp

This video doesn't have much video - but the content of what is said is worth listening to. It is a from a radio talk show and you will be SHOCKED at what you hear.

This is too close to what any communist regime does - All you have to do is talk trash about the government or the officials in charge, and you get the Secret Police (or in this case, the Secret Service) threatening you, or worse, in Russia or China, you are thrown into a jail cell without due process.

Does the Secret Service actually have the right to trample on the constitutional rights of those who are falsely accused by someone who, because of her (blind) support for Obama, and because she doesn't like someone's (contrary) opinion about him, she can make a false accusation and not be held accountable for HER actions/words? Is this what we can expect from Obama if he becomes president?

Our nation and its rights are being pissed on by the liberal fascists.

And it appears that Obama's camp can and will get away with this...


Prescription said...

I... don't understand. A bizarre accusation was made, and the Secret Service has to follow up just to make sure it's BS, which involves going to this woman's house and checking it out.

It's certainly not Obama's fault that that's the procedure (as it has always been). There's one crazy girl out there making false claims, the Secret Service is investigating and determining that the claims are without merit.

It's not fair to blame Obama or his campaign for the actions of one out-of-control woman, just like it's not fair for me to think that all adoptive parents are selfish and afraid to adopt American kids, simply because one adoptive parent (you) has a fetish for Chinese kids.

Julie said...

OH! I'm so glad to know that my love for my adopted children is just a fetish, just because they are Chinese. Now I can go to a shrink and get my head adjusted so I won't love them anymore.

Wow - you just saved me years of happiness and joy!

And gee, once I get the domestic adoption laws changed, I, too, can adopt a 13 year old child who has been abused, neglected and bounced from foster home to foster home and hasn't been given the proper stimulation and environment to function in society - but boy-oh-boy! I'll be adopting domestically!

You have shown nothing but ignorance about adoption laws, both here in the U.S. and international law. Having gone through this - I know a lot more than you. And my social worker friends would be backing me up on what I would have to say...

If you can't understand what's wrong with this scenario, then think about this - it's one thing to check into a remark and to check the background of people who have been accused of making a death threat against a political figure. It's another entirely to take way one's ability to redress the situation through the courts so that one's name can be cleared of all wrongdoing. Think about this - the group that was located in TEXAS up and moved to VIRGINIA practically overnight. And that's supposed to make people feel good about those who are rooting for Obama? How far will the thought police go to keep us from ever saying we don't like a person because of their political views?

There is a book called "Liberal Faschism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning"

Read it, please.

Patty said...

Wow! Why would such an ignorant person be following your blog anyway?? I could go on here but won't give such a person the satisfaction. All I want to say is well put Julie.

Gail said...

This person is obviously an ignorant idiot.
Unfortunately "they" are among us.

I wonder if "it" has adopted any children from America??
Why hide behind a "no profile" blogger name.
Show yourself bigshot!

Julie, Great come back post.

LifeWithTheFerrells said...

Tag Julie, you are it! Go to my blog and see what's up!