Friday, October 10, 2008

This election counts for more than just a presidency

I am parting from my normal blog here to embed a video I saw on Youtube that is just stunning.

In my opinion, the information contained here in this video is so vitally important to know in order to make a better choice as to who to vote for - or in this case, at least who NOT to vote for for President. I'm not usually a very politically outspoken person - I guess I'm one of those who are considered, as Reagan put it, the silent majority. But this time, I think it is important to know how disingenuous one candidate is, and how he is not taking responsibility for his role in the crises - he blames others, but not himself.

The fundamentals of our country are at stake. And what I saw here absolutely left my jaw on the floor...

And then, there is a young man who I think is very well spoken and gets his points across with a healthy dose of humor - but is also very much on the mark for his presentations. His Youtube Channel is machosauceproductions. He is not only entertaining, but understands well the hypocrisy of political parties and political affiliations. I highly recommend watching this video - you will not only laugh, but you'll find yourself probably nodding in agreement over several of his points.

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