Friday, February 12, 2010

Just the way God made her

I just got through sending out birthday party invites for Richelle's birthday party. I sure hope some kids show up... it seems Richelle doesn't get along well with some of the other kids. But then, I don't think it's all her fault. A lot of the kids her teacher has this year seem to have problems with their behavior. One girl had scratched Richelle on her stomach and back. Another likes to write on her desk with markers. Some kids like to steal away her toys she is playing with during tub time.

Of course, Richelle isn't an angel, either. Last time I got a note from the teacher about Richelle, it said she was sticking her fingers in everyone's food at lunch time. How nice. I just hope she washed her hands before lunch.

I'm just glad these kids have 12 more years to grow up a little before they are legally called "adults".

I remember when I turned six... I had a birthday party. I hated it. My mom bought all these really cool toy gifts for the kids who came. I got stuff, but what I really wanted with all my heart was a play makeup kit. If I had gotten one, I just know mom would have thrown it away or given it to some other kid. All I wanted was to be a girly-girl... and I felt so un-girly. Go figure. I kind of think Richelle is a lot like that. She wants all the fru-fru dresses, and to wear lipstick & fingernail polish, and to have her hair done in ponytails or bows. She loves all the frills of being a girl.

I guess I'm guilty of trying to make sure she has the nice things little girls seem to love. I don't want her to feel like I did when I was a kid. I don't dress her up like a prostitot... but a little sheer lip gloss doesn't hurt if it makes her feel pretty.

They funny thing is that Richelle has been asking why there are differences in the way she and Kenzie look. I've told her that that is the way God made her. That she is perfect just the way she is and this is how she is supposed to look. I have to say that where Kenzie is thin and muscular, Richelle is padded with a little extra baby fat. So, I was shocked when she said to her daddy last night, "I can't help if I have big boobies, because that's the way God made me. Right, mommy?"


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