Friday, October 19, 2007

My little supermodel

The dress and leggings were a gift from my husband's cousin. Made for an adorable get-up. Kenzie loves the dress. Just had fun this morning snapping pics, and letting Kenzie be herself. Kenzie has watched some older episodes of America's Next Top Model and she thinks the show is really cool... although she also thinks some of the models are big babies. She's right.

She'll never be tall enough to make a top model - but she's awfully cute!

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cabbagemintor said...

Encourage the two girls to put on private shows for you and family. The three monkeys in England loved to put on vareity acts with singing, modelling, playing instruments, dancing, and acting. They would design tickets, prepare intermission refreshments, and give us really wonderful performances. Usually, it was just me and their mom in the audience. But that did not dent their enthusiasm. Once, some friend from the US came to visit and they were keen to sing and dance for him. Poor kids got a very cold shoulder. Some people are just sooo insensitive.