Thursday, April 23, 2009

What did I just say?

As a friend and reader pointed out to me, I may have written something that would be confusing to those who don't know about international adoption from China. Not to mention that it just plain didn't come out right... Yeeesh! And thanks to Gail for pointing this out to me... it never occurred to me to proofread my post yesterday...

OK, what I meant to say in my last post was, we're preparing for our first home study since Jia's return home. For international adoption, the Chinese officials require two home studies, one at six months and one at one year, to make sure everything is progressing and the child is being treated well.

I also may have spoken early with Jia's behavior. We've been having some issues with one of the kids touching the thermostat and either turning it waaaaay up or waaaay down, either making the house uncomfortably warm or freezing cold. However, yesterday was the worst.

I took Kenzie and Jia to Kenzie's dance lessons, then Roy met us at the classes, and then we went out to eat. On our return home, we walked into the house and it was like a furnace. I went upstairs to find the thermostat had been turned up to the highest level it would go. Of course, neither kid did it... so I guess we have a gremlin in the house. Jia was particularly adamant that she couldn't reach it, even demonstrating to us how she can't touch it. Kenzie began to cry when she thought we were looking at her as the suspect.

How does one tell? For fifteen years, we've never had a problem with our thermostat. Now, it is magically moving on its own. Perhaps we have a poltergeist, or a dispirited spirit. Or a kid who doesn't comprehend the phrase "Don't touch."

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