Sunday, July 04, 2010

Too busy!

I have been busy since the last post... too busy, as a matter of fact.  Roy had the girls scheduled to be here there and everywhere during the summer...  and that meant mama had to jump all over the place... 
The girls started swimming lessons again this year.  They are becoming more comfortable with the water, but they need a lot more time to trust that if they do what they are told, the water will hold them up.  Richelle finally learned how to float, but can't kick very well or use her arms and hands properly.  Kenzie can't float, but has a strong kick and can hold her breath forever (well, it seems like it to me!).  Kenzie finally got over holding her nose every time she went into the water, which means she'll be learning how to do that forward crawl soon.

Then there was the matter of their hair...  Both the girls' hair was getting horribly dry and brittle with the chlorine in the water.  I wondered if the chemicals they were using were worse than usual, because we didn't have this problem last year.  However, no matter what shampoo we tried, it just didn't help.  So it was haircut time.  Actually, Roy decided that they needed a haircut - it's going to be an extremely hot summer, and the kids were coming home all sweaty and red-faced every day. 

We went uber short.  For Richelle, the look was great.  Kenzie just has that face that begs for longer hair... so as it grows out, we'll probably not cut it much shorter than a bob again... unless I find a better style that frames the side of her face.  I let the kids pick the hairstyle they wanted from some I found on the internet.  


The kids have to admit... they are a lot cooler and feel a lot better with the new do's, but they still love their long hair.  Can't blame them... they are waaaay cute in the longer style.

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