Friday, September 07, 2012

Cirque Shanghai on Labor Day

We saw Cirque Shanghai at Chicago's Navy Pier again this year (also saw them last year).  I was able to take a few pics of the show (photography is allowed without flash, and no video taping!) before my camera got hot.  It kept shutting down on me several times claiming there was an error.  I'll have to have it checked out because I love this camera for a point-and-shoot.

Anyway - this year's show was even better than last year's... and last year's was good.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

On the way back home, we again stopped at a KFC for their buffet lunch.  Roy was talking about the photo book that Richelle's orphanage had given us, with pictures of her as a baby, and pics of her as a little toddler, and he remembered a picture of one of her poops.

To which Richelle quipped, "Let me guess... below it said 'Actual size'.  And you had to fold out the page."

Where does an 8 year old get this kind of humor????  I didn't pee my pants this time, but we couldn't talk for a while for laughing with tears flowing down my face. 

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