Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I turn 50

I turned 50 years old yesterday. I don't feel old. Except when I try to get up from the floor after having sat down to play with my daughter. She jumps up in a nanosecond yelling, "C'mon mommy!" Mommy struggles.

OK, I'm no spring chicken. I'm also not willing to give up, though. I intend to fight old age (even though I know that's a losing battle). But I can brag that at 50, I don't have one white or grey hair on my head. It's all natural. Too bad the rest of me has gone into the crapper.

The next batch of waiting children came in on May 26 at our agency. It took them until this morning to post them. Most of the children are already promised. There is only one I would have wanted to adopt... and they are already working towards her adoption. There are days I wonder if we'll ever find our next daughter. Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself. However, the competition for waiting children is so tough right now. I don't think it had ever been that intense. I guess in one way, China's extension of the wait for a referral has helped more of their waiting children find their forever families. Good for the kids!!!!

Well, I have to say, for 50 years old, I'm actually pretty happy... I'll always take whatever age I am over the alternative.

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