Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Christmas from the eyes of a child

Christmas had become, over the years, a day that was pretty much like any other day of the year for us, except that we didn't have to work. But it wasn't exactly special in any way that made me really look forward to it.

After we had adopted our daughter, it came alive again. To hear our daughter singing Christmas songs (even if the words coming out of her 3 year old mouth weren't exactly right) was so much fun. And she wanted me to sing them for her so she could learn. It held magic for her... and in the end it held magic for me.

I remember the day care she attends used to have a gentleman come in to the daycare dressed as Santa (he had his own nicely trimmed white beard - so if there was to be any checking out if it was real... it would be real). A good friend of ours was at the daycare dropping off her little girl when Santa showed up... and she related what happened.

Santa walked into the daycare in the section with the 1-2 year olds, and Kenzie just about hyperventilated... she could hardly talk she was so excited, and kept saying "Santa! Santa!"

As soon as he sat down, she crawled right up in his lap. When he put her down and picked up the next child, she crawled right back up in his lap. She was not going to be denied any time with this magical person. The daycare personnel got the biggist kick out of her... and when Santa was going to leave, she wanted him to pick her up and hold her.

She was so cute at that early age. I dearly love the fact that now she is so verbal she can tell us what is on her mind and how she feels. And sometimes, what comes out of her mouth is hilarious. Such as when she was helping her daddy open up his present and blurted out "A massager, Mama!" I think she was happier to see this than her daddy was.

I wanted to share a composite of her Christmases from the last 3 years. I hope you will enjoy seeing how much she has grown. It isn't necessarily in chronological order, just to warn you.


Dannye said...

It's amazing to see holidays through a child's eyes, hopefully we will get to experience that ourselves soon, but meanwhile we savor the opportunity to share in your experiences and joys...

Julie said...

Thank you, Dannye. I am sure by next year, Kenzie will be a little more sophisticated in her ideas about Christmas...

The first year, I'm sure she felt she just fell into a pile of great toys without really understanding what it was about. The the third Christmas... she really "got it" - and it was "I wanna open up more presents."