Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Her first snowman

When our daughter saw the snow on the ground Sunday morning, she couldn't hardly wait untl she went outside. All she could do was say she wanted to build a snowman.

Ok, mom and dad aren't so great at the accessories, and the "hair" is a but much... twigs stuck into the top of its head. Oh, well.... she thought it was marvelous and fun. She was so worried that it would melt - and we had to tell her that eventually it would (too many Frosty the Snowman movies - I can't stand that movie, but she loves it.) When we explained that every time it snowed, we'd have an opportunity to build another snowman, she started to perk up. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Dannye said...

Her first snowman is great (by the way this from the gal who has never seen snow herself but for pictures....)

Julie said...

Yeah - she was so proud of her snowman... I really have to do something about buying some accessories for the poor things... Neither of us have really been "into" snow related activities since we outgrew childhood. It's so much more fun to do this with your own kid!