Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It looks like a white thread....

Aaaaaaahhhh, the perks of motherhood!

The other day my daughter was brushing my hair and said, "Mommy! There's something in your hair!"

M: What is it?
K: I don't know.. but it's white.
M: Well, can you put your finger on it and show Mommy where it is?
K: Yeah..
M: Do you have it?
K: Yeah!

So I go poking my finger all over the top of my head going, "Is it here? Is it here?" and she replies "No" each time.

I got a little frustrated because I couldn't "find" it.

M: Do you have your finger on it?
K: Yeah, I'm holding it.
M: Can you take it off?
K: I'm trying, but it's stuck.
M: (dreading the answer) What does it look like?
K: It looks like a white thread and its stuck to your head.

Well folks, I never thought of myself as a vain person... but I have to say that I had always prided myself in the fact that here I was 50 years old and never had one single white or gray hair... until now.

M: Can you pull it out Kenzie?
K: Yeah.. I'll try.

Ripping noises and pain ensues...

She had a handful of hair, but not the one I wanted to get out.

K: Want me to pull again?
M: NO, no... that's okay honey. (OUCH!) Well, it looks like Mommy is going to have to buy some hair dye.

Kenzie gave me a funny look.

M: Hair dye is another word for hair coloring. I'm probably going to start coloring my hair. What color hair do you want Mommy to have?
K: This color. (holding up a lock of my own hair)
M: Well, that may be pretty difficult to find that color, since Mommy's hair is a lot of different colors (mostly brown, but blond and red also). You know, mommy can color her hair A N Y color.
K: If you can color your hair any color, then I want your hair to be PINK!

Only if I lose a bet, honey. But then again, I did open my big mouth...

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John Paul, Andrea ,Ben and Alyana said...

I love that story !
I laughed out loud here in the computer room all by myself.
Love your blog. I'll be sure to visit again.
PS: I hope hubby let's your daughter get her ears peirced :)