Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lunar New Year...

I know I'm so late in posting this. Our local public library has a program that features children performing songs or skits for Lunar New Year. This year, there was a Korean school that had their students sing a song, and a Mandarin class that had their students do a "song" - actually it was spoken, not sung.

Then they had a couple of the college students do a Lion Dance. It wasn't very fancy, but cute. Everyone enjoyed it. Afterwards, they had crafts and some snacks (Chinese and Korean in nature)... that was yummy.

Here is the video for the Lion Dance.

Then when we had our local FCC (Families with Chinese Children) group's Lunar New Year celebration so all the adopted Chinese girls could get together and play - and the adults actually get to have adult time together... LOL! One of the mothers, Cindy, had bought a small lion costume and guess what all the kids wanted to play with!?!!! Kenzie is in the rear... She was so excited to be part of the lion.

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