Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What I won't do for my daughter....

I just pre-ordered tickets for the Doodlebops, who are going to be performing live at the IU Auditorium next year in January!!!!!

For those of you who are yet uninitiated to the world of children's TV shows, the Doodlebops are a trio of colorful (and by colorful I mean one is pink, one is blue and one is orange) characters who play instruments and sing and teach a lesson in the "escapades" they get themselves into. They are on the Disney channel... and Kenzie LOVES them.

When she saw the booklet from the Auditorium and found the Doodlebops - she went nuts. She'll be absolutely beside herself.

Reminds me of the first time we took her to the Auditorium to see a live show. It was Clifford the Big Red Dog. When we walked in, she almost hyperventilated (literally) she was so excited... and that was just over the merchandise. When watching the show, she was mesmerized... she could hardly move it was so fascinating to her. (Sorry to say, Mom and Dad were bored to tears - it was a horrible performance. Glad I had balcony seats and not front row seats - huge difference in price!)

The next live performance we took her to was Dora the Explorer and the Pirate Adventure. Now, that was a performance that we all enjoyed... it was very well done, and I had seats near the front (5 rows back and on the aisle).

I'm not much on these shows or cartoons, but I never got to see anything like this when I was a kid... I guess a part of me is living vicariously through her. I love to see her face light up.

I figure as long as I can afford it, I will be taking her (and hopefully one day her little-sister-to-be Josie, if the CCAA permits!) to these performances. Although the seating may go back to balcony tickets once Josie gets here.

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