Monday, May 21, 2007

Harrodsburg Heritage Festival

Last Saturday, we went to Harrodsburg IN to have some fun with their Heritage Festival. This is a very small little rural community now. It wasn't always like that... there used to be a railroad that went through the town, and from what I understand, it was quite an active place to go to.

Today, if you are driving through, if you blink, you'd miss it.

The parade wasn't much, but just about everyone in the parade was throwing candy to the kids (and a lot of the adults were running after it, too!) Here's a clip I made showing almost the whole thing (edited for brevity - no need to show the long wait between each fire truck or Kenzie running after all the candy.)


Dannye said...

loved the video...and love the new look of the blog!!!

Julie said...

Thanks, Dannye. I'm going to be toying around with some of Kenzie's pics until I find the "ultimate" pic for the top. But I'm happy Blogger finally did this so we could customize the blog instead of just looking BLAH!

Glad you liked the video, too. That was a really fun day!