Monday, June 04, 2007

My first video using my macbook...

For some ungodly reason, I have come to think that writing in my blog is harder than doing a video... which doesn't make sense to me, because it takes far longer to make the video, then download it, then edit it, then review and refine, then create the type of file I want it to be, and then to upload it to Youtube. It could take me probably 1/10th of the time to just write what I want to say, but NooOOOOoooo~ I'd rather do it on video. One of my few creative outlets these days.

Well, here's what I did at around 4 am in the morning (last week) playing around with my macbook. I am having the most wonderful time with this mac - and I love how it has worked so far. It has been a lot of fun. OH, and the cat is out of the bag... my husband now knows I have TWO laptops.. an HP and the Macbook. Oh, well... he was going to find out sooner or later... I guess for his sake, we can use the HP for him. But I want to keep the mac for me.

These were my ramblings at 4 am in the morning about China and the issues surrounding abandonment/IA/similarities and differences in our attitudes toward children. Not too coherant and could have fleshed it out a little, but I think people will get the drift of how I feel about things.

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