Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The latest dope on the brothers

Well, it just gets better and better.

My youngest brother has now filed bankruptcy -for the third time in his life. I find that apropos, since he has never taken any responsibility for any of his failings in life. It's always someone else's fault as far as he is concerned.

My brother Richard showed up at mom's house at around 11 pm last Sunday night. She was trying to go to bed. (Richard is always on Richard-time - there is no other time zone in his eyes, and everyone is supposed to accomodate him.)

He told mom that he wanted to apologize for how he talked to her the last time (calling her a whore, slut, bitch, etc.) He said he did it to make Bill feel good because he felt sorry for Bill. He also said that he had listened to Bill talk shit about me and he fell for it. And he said that alot of what Bill is doing is because of Erika, his wife.


Yeah, and we also believe in the tooth fairy, right?

That is the lamest, worst and most F---ed up excuse I have ever heard in my life.

A MAN doesn't try to placate or play to the sympathies of scum in the family just to make them feel better at the expense of his mother, who never did anything to hurt him. A real man would have re-arranged things so he could have visited or helped out. A real man would not give her reason to stress so she could recover more quickly from her surgery. A real man wouldn't try to manipulate her and the entire situation to the detriment of other family members.
But Richard isn't a real man. And now everyone knows it. Hell, I've got more balls than he ever had - and perhaps that's why he's jealous of everything I have and am.

I can tell you that it was Richard who trash-talked about me to Bill, back in 2005, and Richard is the one who got Bill so mad at me that he now hates me beyond redemption. Richard is the one who instigated this division in the family.

To top matters off, Richard shows his true colors and blames Bill's wife (who is African-American, by the way - and Richard hates anyone of any color, nationality, ethnicity, or religion that either isn't white or a yes-person to Richard's idealogy) for leading Bill into trying to get mom to make him Power of Attorney and cut me out of the will.

Richard forgets he shot off his mouth to mom's neighbor. He told her that Erika liked him and that they were "friends" because he bought her a designer handbag. That was a very uncomplimentary thing to say. He basically told the neighbor that Erika was so weak and easily manipulated that her loyalties could be bought with a simple gift. (Notice Richard did not say he liked Erika....)

Furthermore, Richard is trying to make himself out to be an innocent bystander. Again, he forgets that he talked to the neighbor. He forgets that after mom told Bill what the neighbor said, he called the neighbor and told her that she should just stay out of their business when it came to mom, that they (meaning Richard and Bill) knew what was best for mom, and that Bill would be the best choice for Power of Attorney. That doesn't sound like someone who is innocent in all this - it appears to me that someone who is that involved to tell a friend of mother's to "back-off" is up to his eyeballs in taking charge of the deception and conspiracy (and crap) that is surrounding my mom.

Innocent my ass..... and my ass has seen enough shit in its 51 years that there is no innocence left in my world. Sorry - that was probably a bit more graphic than I intended it to be.

Here's my take on all of this.

I say that since Richard couldn't manipulate mom through Bill (and Richard has played Bill like a fiddle - oh I just couldn't resist that, since Richard is a violin broker) he decided to just go straight to the source of his disdain and try to manipulate mom himself. Now I am worried that she will end up in trouble - not because she will capitulate to Richard, but because she won't. And Richard has a horrible temper - and I fear he may lose his "self control" (what thinly veiled amount there is) and hurt her. But I have nothing to pin this feeling on... just my gut feelings.

Richard thinks mom is a fool and can be made to do his bidding. I personally think he's wrong.

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