Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jia's first day of pre-school

Roy thought it would be a good idea for Jia to go to a pre-school, for many reasons.

First, she wouldn't be cooped up with me all day. Even going to a fun place like the children's museum or the library would still be "mom" related activites.

Second, I wouldn't be cooped up with Jia all day. OH, YEAH.... a little space is good for both of us.

Third, she was in a pre-school in China, so she probably was wanting to continue that.

Fourth, it would give her a chance to interact with other children about her age and it would probably help facilitate her learning English.

And last of all - and we found this out just yesterday - she WANTS to go to school.

I was holding her beside me at the table and asked if she wanted to go to school. She gave me this wide-eyed incredulous look as she shook her head yes. I told her she was going to go to school tomorrow. I then said (to put it in a perspective she understood) "Go to sleep, 'CHOOL!"

That's all Jia talked about every time she started a conversation. Before she'd ask for a drink, say she was hungry, or talk about coloring or watching a video, she'd say "Go to sleep, 'CHOOL!" just to confirm her understanding.

So today, she could hardly wait. It made her angry when we had to wait awhile before dropping off Kenzie at her school - the roads were nothing but ice under snow, and the school bus was stopped on top of a steep hill. I think there had been a car that slid sideways in the road and they had to remove it. Finally we got Kenzie dropped off and to her school.

We walked into the church where the pre-school is located, and she took off her coat - and before I could even get her to her class room, she was waving good-bye to me! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'm not sure how to take that.

But she dove right in and was excited to be there. I had paperwork to fill out while there, and she kept saying, "Bye Bye Mommy!" So after filling out what I needed to and giving her a kiss, I left.

I went to a deli & coffee place that had free wifi. Aaaaaaahhhhh... uninterrupted computer time and a cup of coffee. Seems I've been missing a little free time to myself.

When I came back, she looked disappointed. YikeS!!!! But I got her going and we went to pick up Kenzie. All she could do was say "I like 'chool mommy!" and "Go to sleep, go to sleep, 'CHOOL!" (The school meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)

I think we're both going to be happy in the long run.

Thanks to Jill for suggesting this pre-school. It is probably going to be a good thing for everyone involved.


Super Mommy said...

Chool is fun!! Jia sounds like sucha a smart, brave little girl!

cabbagemintor said...

If she had been going to pre-school in China, naturally she would want to go to one in her new home. My nieces certainly loved school to distraction. I remember the eldest getting real sick and threw up in the car enroute school. We had to go home and change her clothes. Why, she wanted to go right back (she was 3 1/2 at that time.) Jia is a very strong little soul, you can see it in her face. Her independent and adventurous streak is admirable. It is tough on the icy road with 2 little kids; you have to drive so carefully. You NEED some me time to wind down a bit. I sometimes feel exhausted just by watching those two bouncing kids.