Thursday, January 01, 2009


Looking forward to celebrating the lunar new year later in January. The year of the Ox!

We went to bed early. Every New Year's day we take a short road trip to go shopping and have lunch at a restaurant we like. No reason to break tradition just because we adopted Jia.

Personally, I think she'll like it. We'll end up getting ice cream at some point, and then she'll be happy as any little kid can be.


GouGouAwu said...

Happy New Ox Year,Roy's family. Precisely speaking,Chinese Ox New Year of this 2009,the night before Spring Festival will be Jan.25 2009,the next day Jan.26 will be the New Year.

Gail said...

Happy New Year!
Enjoy your day.

I have to work today. : (

sarah said...

Enjoy! Sounds like a fun 'tradition'.

Lisa said...

Happy new year!!!!

Super Mommy said...

Happy New Year!