Monday, December 29, 2008

What a great day!

First, I want to say congratulations to John and Lisa for their new referral! Their long- awaited referral for their daughter Lucy came today - and it looks like Anna is going to be a big sis after all!

Lucy is just precious! You can see Lisa's blog HERE.

Next, Jia got her first dental exam. When Kenzie went, all she wanted to do was sit in that chair and have the dentist examine her teeth. We made her appointment for today, but had to try to find a way to explain to her that we weren't going to have the dentist look at her teeth right away. We got a calendar later that day, and told her it was hers. I circled the date that Kenzie had had her appointment on, then the date she would be having her dental appointment on. I showed her how many days had to pass before she got her appointment.

That didn't quite work... so I explained how many nights we had to go to sleep before we woke up and went to the dentist. That did the trick. She could recite "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep .... DENTIST!" We left one "go to sleep" off every day, until by the 3rd day before the appointment, she could figure it out for herself. She did a great job. They tried to do an xray of her full mouth, but she is so short that they couldn't get a good xray. What they saw was that there appeared to be four teeth buds missing for her permanent teeth. For what her age is supposed to be, they should be developed by now. In 6 months when we return, we'll have them do this again to see if they can make some determination of her actual age - if she really is five, or is she younger.

Then (for a treat) I took them to a local park. The weather was very warm today for the time of year. Normally, we'd see temps in the 30's to 20's... but today must have been about 50 degrees. The kids were incredibly excited to be able to play outside. I found out Jia can swing herself once she gets going. But for a kid that seems to be unafraid of a lot of things, she was petrified of some big stepping stones that were on the playground. This is where Kenzie became Super Sister to the rescue! She helped Jia walking across the stones... I wouldn't exactly say Jia overcame the fear, but she was more assured as Kenzie held her hand and helped her go from stone to stone. And the kids were loving the outdoors. I can't wait for spring and nice weather. I want them to get out every nice day we can. Here are pics from the day.


fuzzandfuzzlet said...

My DD is missing two of her teeth buds. She is nine, they will never be there, she will never have an adult tooth in those two spaces.

We have her birth records so are certain of her age. Our dentist says it just happens sometimes.

sarah said...

They are so cute together! It's great they are so close in age.

canada goose said...

look at jia with the sunglasses on, already a spicy girl. haha

Julie said...

fuzzandfuzzlet - yeah, I also said to the dental assistant that perhaps the missing teeth were a genetic thing for her. I would assume there would be some kind of DNA testing that could rule out whether the missing buds are a genetic thing or not. I think we'll be more certain in July next year when they have their next appointment - and see if there are any buds forming or there are still none. If still none - I'd say it's something she was born with.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Glad the appointment went well. Those are some seriously adorable pictures of the girls - makes me smile!

Lisa said...

Thanks Julie. Beautiful to see the girls playing together!

Gail said...

Your girls are beautiful!
Looks like you are transitioning nicely to have two girls!

My daughter is missing 2 eye teeth (I think thats their name.) The ones beside the front teeth.
It is genetic. She eventually will need tooth implants. Right now the orthodontist said (on consult) that we will keep the baby teeth in for as long as possible, then braces to hold the other teeth back and then implants.
Poor kid.

I'm curious to find out if they think Jia is younger!

Happy New Year!

angelchica said...

I love it, especially the holding hands and the similar outfits! Kenzie and Jia are bonding! I've missed talking to ya Julie. I hope we can catch up sometime. I just got back from Virginia where I went with Kenny for Christmas. Happy New Year! Jackie

cabbagemintor said...

Kenzie is such a love. She really helped Jia to overcome her initial wariness of those big stepping stones. The pair of them look like what Chinese call "liang Jie-Mei (older and younger sister duo.) That is not stating the obvious; but a subtle expression infused with deep parental pride and satisfaction at the sight of one's daughters co-operating and having a loving relationship. Hopefully, with better diet, Jia's remaining teeth buds will materialize. The sun is certainly shining for them in Indiana. Here, it is zero degree for New Year's Eve. Happy New Year to your beautiful family and may 2009 bring great happiness and fulfillment and good health to you all!!