Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Wow... this motherhood thing is hard.

OK, we got off really easy with Kenzie. She was so easy to take care of, to raise - we were spoiled rotten with a kid who was as close to perfect as can be. She was easy going, funny and smart... and able to do things for herself - something I didn't realize that I loved so much about her growing up.

OK, Jia is smart, and funny. She is NOT easy going. Just NOT. And her volume level is set on LOUDEST. (We never asked what words would help her understand that she needs to talk more softly.) But I think a huge part of all this right now is that there is such a huge distance between us because of the language barrier. She keeps saying something to me (daily) and so far no one understands what it is she is saying. Least of all me... since my Chinese is so limited.

It seems that once her jie-jie is home, things get marginally better. But there are still breakdowns in communication - and if I could only understand what she was saying I could help her more. She seems extremely willing to do things and to be thoughtful, especially towards her big sister. Wish I could say the same about Kenzie, but it seems she delights in finding ways right now to make her sister cry and trying to make it look like it's not her fault... hmmmmm.... guess she's got a mean streak in her. "OH mommy! I didn't know I was stepping on her bracelet" (as Kenzie is standing on it - gotta feel that round lumpy thing under her tender foot - as Jia is crying and trying to pull her foot off of it...)

I keep telling myself that it will get better.... it may take a few months of this - but it will get better.

On the flip side - I have no time to myself. I have absolutely no time to work on her adoption video, or get information for my mom for health insurance, or fill out forms to take Jia to Riley Hospital - and finding a quiet moment means waking up in the middle of the night and staying up 3-4 hours, only to wake up bleary eyed and tired... no, MORE tired.

We need to try and see if we can get her into a preschool. We have one in mind if we can get a scholarship. It is 3 days a week, 9-11:30 and it would do her good to be with kids she can play with. We went to a craft fair for kids at the place that has the preschool, and Jia had a blast making things - in fact, she really has great concentration and can do a lot of planning on what she wants her craft to look like. And she LOVED it. The church is a really nice place and I was impressed with the people. I hope things can work out. Jia really needs a little time for herself as well.


Super Mommy said...

HA!! Sounds like my house - only add I am single!! Jade was my angel/easy going child. Then I adopted Jasmine - my stinker child. Actually - Jasmine has a personality like me - strong!

We do not have/nor had the language barrier - but it will get better - Jia sounds smart and will pick it up quickly I'm sure.

Do you happen to have an pre-school in your area for ESL? If they test her and see that Chinese is her language - she can go to pre-school for free.

As for time to yourself - that won't happen until both girls are in school . . . just hang in there . . . it's a sacrifice - that is well worth it and won't last too long!

Lisa said...

Good luck with the preschool (and everything else!!), Julie!

Karyn said...

our kids sound very similar. Our older one is very quiet, and our younger very LOUD! Our older daughter was also eager to have a sister, but had trouble adjusting. She had always been so gentle and kind with other children, but showed us a new side when sibling rivalry rose it's ugly head.

Things did get better in time and they get along pretty well now, but I suppose sibling rivalry in some form is probably pretty normal. We have many sweet tender moments, but they also have their moments of pushing each others buttons! True sisters ;)

GouGouAwu said...

Countryside people speak a little louder.Though Jia is a girl,we can correct it right now. pinyin: "Jia, ni ke yi shuo hua qing yi dian ma? xiao gu niang shuo hua yao rou yi xie." In English"Jia, could you speak a little lower? Girls should talk softly." Every time she forgets,you remind" qing yi xie" with smile.

This is record of this sentence in mandarin: