Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Summer vacation starts

Summer vacation started officially last Friday - May 30. That meant no more school for both our daughters. Kenzie and Jia are missing their school a LOT - and I'm going to be hard pressed to keep them occupied and happy.

We walked to a local park, but there were wasps and a very large bumblebee around all the equipment. So we walked further to a small stream near the park. The kids had a great time looking for pretty rocks. Even I enjoyed looking for rocks (was a rabid rock hound as a kid). However, that may not continue - I found out from our next door neighbor that there's a snapping turtle that lives in/near the creek. YIKES! My worst nightmare...

But here are pics from the creek.

We were also introduced to a new, small park. It's stretched out with tennis courts, a small child's playground, and a basketball court - in a quiet neighborhood with woods around the entire place. It's quiet and very nice for the kids. I think we'll probably go there a few times - it's not as crowded as some of the other well-known parks around town.

I'm hoping that we can find some other nice places for them to play and discover.

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