Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Picnic fun

Last Saturday was our adoption agency's annual picnic. I was shocked to see how few people went to the picnic... there was so much space and hardly anyone there. In year's past you'd be sighing a sigh of relief just to find a parking place at the park, let alone close to the shelter where they would have the lunch served for the country your child was from. But I have to give Kudos to our agency - they kept it all about the kids and put on a really nice picnic anyway. It was Jia's first time going, and Kenzie's third.

I took my Canon Rebel XTi this time, as well as the point and shoot cameras. However, the Rebel gave me some great shots. I won't post any pics of other people's kids, but I can post the one's I loved of mine. The nice thing about a DSLR is the depth one can get from a photo when shooting with a telephoto lens.

Interesting that we met a couple who had adopted a child from Jia's orphanage as well. Jia and the little girl said they remembered each other - or as the child put it - she remembered they were in nursery together. Amazing, since the child was adopted about 1 year ago, about 4-5 months prior to Jia's adoption.

But miracles happen every day. I have two angels to prove it.

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