Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where is that dialect from?

Here lately, Kenzie has been doing something that is driving me crazy. She has been talking like a backwoods hillbilly. Living in South Central Indiana, a lot of people here have the typical southern Indiana dialect... but we dont' speak like that in our home. I am sure there are certain things we say (such as how we say "greasy" or the word "that") that would place (at least me) in the southern region of Indiana, but I do not have a [strong] Hoosier twang to my speach unless I affect it... on purpose.

And normally, Kenzie speaks very plainly, without any noticeable dialect (at least for this portion of Indiana). But here lately, sometimes she has been saying things with a definite dialect that I am trying to place. I thought perhaps, being in a college town, she would have heard it from someone she is in contact with daily at the daycare... a lot of the younger women working there are college students from all over the U.S. But that is not the case... none of the women I have talked with have this dialect.

I can't tell if it reminds me of Arkansas... West Virginia.... ?????? I just have no clue. I mean... there is only one syllable in the word "help"... but Kenzie is saying it so it sounds like "heyalp". She has this dialect down to an art... "Yeeou wanna put lotion on mah laigs? I kin heyalp yeeou."

Then I got to thinking.. one of the favorite movies at the daycare is a Goofy movie. Hmmmmmm.... Goofy kinda talks like this... maybe she is imitating that.

Wherever it is coming from... she can switch it back and forth between strong dialect and no dialect in an instant. I'll hang in there and hope it's just something she is going to grow out of.

And then again... If this is something she is doing on purpose, she is going to make one really great little actess.

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