Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween party pics & video

You know... you end up making decisions about what part of the American Culture you want your child to be exposed to... and then sometimes, it just happens without really thinking about it. That's what happened with Halloween. We just thought it would be cute to dress her up and let her do it. The first year, she would walk up to the door and (barely) say "Trick or Treat" and people thought she was so cute, they started out giving her several pieces of candy rather than just one. (I tried to stop them, but I was outnumbered by Kenzie and Daddy.) It was done so often that by the time we finally got to a house that only gave her one piece, she looked at them like "Where's the rest?" and said "More". She learned quick.

This year, since we are expecting rain tomorrow, we made sure we went to a Halloween party put on by my husband's place of employment. And she picked the costume - a witch. The outfit was complete with dark purple nails, black lip gloss, a plastic cauldron for her candy (which I put one of those battery operated jack-o-lantern lights in that changed colors - gave it a nice glow coming out of it and I think every kid in the place her age just HAD to see what was in there!) and a glow stick for her magic wand. She was cute as can be. And for a cheap outfit, she won 3rd place in her age category - although I like to think it wasn't so much the costume as it was her "being in the role". She kept waving her magic wand at people, casting spells.

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