Friday, November 03, 2006

The CCAA has now reviewed January's dossiers!

I have been waiting to see this for what feels like forever. I know I've been checking the CCAA's website now for a solid 3 weeks daily to see if they had made any movement. Only today did I not go there... and when I went to our local FCC group's Yahoo message board, there was a message from Lisa saying they had reviewed January 2006's dossiers. Ours was logged in on January 16, 2006.

MOVEMENT!!! At least we are going in a positive direction. Now comes the long wait to get a referral. I'm praying we can go either in the summer or fall of next year (at the very latest.)

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Dannye said...

Julie, congrats, that is great news (any movement is good movement right?), hopefully we will be moving along in that really long line too someday and make it through the review room too. We are praying for you that the referrals speed up.