Friday, November 10, 2006


Last night we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat. Mommy thought she'd try their Sushi.

I know, I know. Everyone out there is saying "Sushi at a Chinese restaurant? That's like going to a steakhouse and ordering chicken...."

But I picked up some chopsticks and thought I'd try theirs. Truth is, I only like the sushi that doesn't have seaweed in it. I hate seaweed. And I hate any kind of Asian pickle - they are too briny and have a weird flavor in my opinion... and one of the pieces had both seaweed and pickle. YUCK - they don't have enough wasabi to cover that taste! As much as I want to experience and appreciate other cultures and their foods - my preference for certian tastes is one thing I just can't ignore.

When I got to the table and began using the chopsticks to eat with, Kenzie said she wanted to eat with chopsticks, too. So daddy went and got her some. Neither of us showed her how to use them. She just began using them... still awkward, but she was able to pick up stuff on her own.

Roy was incredulous that she could do this. My stupid reply was, "Well, she IS Chinese." (I know, that was a stupid comment - Bad Mama!) He wanted to know who had shown her this... and I know for a fact no one has ever shown her how to use chopsticks... especially not me. She is just a clever kid - and I think most kids will figure it out if you give them time and let them play with it.

Now she wants a pair of chopsticks for herself at home and another pair to take to daycare so she can eat with them there. LOL! I guess I found something to buy her for her birthday next week.

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Anonymous said...

wow first time using chopsticks and she looks like it comes so naturally, it makes you wonder if it is maybe just a little bit in her genes lol :)