Monday, November 20, 2006

100 Wishes Quilt

In previous posts I had talked about a little special needs girl we had been wanting to adopt. As it happened, it didn't work out for us, but the other lady who had been interested was able to get her file and is going to be adopting her. I am so very happy for her and her family.

She asked us if we would give her a piece of cloth for a 100 wishes quilt that she is having made for the child. I said that Kenzie and I both would contribute.

I took Kenzie with me to Walmart and we each picked out some cloth. I put together the cards with a swatch of the cloth taped to the card, our wish, and a picture of us included.

I sat down with Kenzie and asked her, "If you could make a wish for a little girl that is getting adopted, what would you wish for her?"

At first she wished that she would be teensy. I think she was thinking this was a wish for her own little sister. She wants her little sister to be a baby, and we keep working with her on the thought that her sister will most likely be older.

So I explained what I meant by making a wish for someone, such as wishing them good health, or success in life, or much love and happiness.

Her wish then became "I wish I could hug her and kiss her all over."

Out of the mouths of babes. That is the wish I wrote for the little girl's quilt on Kenzie's behalf. And Kenzie signed her own name to it.

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