Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Saturday was Kenzie's fourth birthday. I am still in awe at her growth and development.

Friday, I had a birthday party for her at her daycare. It wasn't fancy, but you could tell she felt special, and was reveling in "her" day.

The little boy who sits beside her seems to be crazy about her. When she comes in to daycare, he wants her to sit by him or to give him a hug. OK, she's got a boy wanting to be her friend already... kind of scary for the future.

Saturday we took her to see "Happy Feet". I'll give you a warning. Although the music rocks, and the basic premise of the story is that everyone has something they can contribute to the group, no matter how different they are... there was one disturbing (for me) part to it. The penguins had a religion that worshipped a Penguin God, from whom all the blessings of food and prosperity flowed. And when Mumble (the young penguin that dances) upsets the elders in the penguin group, it takes on a mix of Puritanical overtones with superstitious undertones... Now, as an adult, I understand the background and what is being used here as a basis for the ousting of Mumble from the group. But it may be hard for children to understand if they have any religious background at all. The way it is presented,
it made worship of any deity seem like it was nothing more than superstition. And it didn't set well with me.

If you can explain the background for that one portion of the film so they can understand it, or they are mature enough and have had some schooling to understand what it is about - the rest of the movie is great. I'm looking for the release of the music on CD!

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