Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The best age for a child (IMO)

Aaaaaahhhh! I love children. Especially when they are at a certain age...

Under a year, they are cute, but there's not a lot I can interact with. They are still learning - how to talk, how to walk, and what will get your attention.

But from one to two years old... even the temper tantrums are easy to deal with (I usually chuckle through them, but never give in to a tantrum). But at this age, they are really showing their personality, and that spark of learning seems to just ignite into a wildfire. The innocence, the wonder, the abandon of just being a child. I love it.

Then they get that language thing under control, and they learn to argue. I'm not experienced enough to know how to stand firm without arguing. This morning's episode went like this....

Me: Ok, let's go. You can't take two [stuffed] animals to daycare.
Choose one.

K: But mommy, I need my backpack. [That way she can stuff
both animals into the backpack
and take both at the same time.]
Me: Sorry, but we have to go now.
K: [Tears at her eyes] But I want my backpack.
Me: You should have thought of that when you were running
around playing and not finding
your shoes like I asked
you to earlier.

K: [Now firmly stated - no tears.] I want my backpack.
Me: No. Let's go. C'mon!
K: I want my back pack. [More backbone with this statement.]
Me: OK, see you later. Have fun today. [Start walking towards the garage door. Understand, daddy is upstairs getting ready for work, so I am NOT intending to leave her alone at home.]
K: OK mommy. [Hurries to catch up and takes the largest of
the stuffed animals with her.]

One of these days, she's not going to fall for the "see you later" routine, and she'll be smart enough to call my bluff. Wonder what I'll come up with then.

I am such a mean mommy.

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LadyBug Journals said...

Too Funny!
I've had the same conversation with my son and soon my daughter too !