Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let me rethink that....

Last night, as I was giving Kenzie her bath, relayed to me what her daycare teacher told her. Here was our conversation....

K: You know what Miss Vanda said mommy? Miss Vanda said that if we kids ate our cereal bars all up then we would get big like her. (Note: Miss Vanda isn't a small woman, and I don't mean she is tall....)

M: Do you want to be big like Vanda?

K: (furrows her brows as she gives it a little thought - then her eyes open wide as she realizes what the answer would be.) NO! I don't want to be big like her! (then she starts laughing.)


And then the other night, when her daddy was telling her a bedtime story - she all of a sudden says, "Wait a minute!"

She sat on her daddy's chest, leaned her butt to his face, and FARTED!

OH, she thought this was hilariously funny. So did daddy. Unfortunately, so did I. I guess there goes our ability to teach her any kind of etiquette or respect for her parents.

She doesn't do it to me.... yet.

If I had done that to my dad, it would have been the kiss of death.

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