Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Questions about heaven from a 4 year old

Kenzie insisted that I read a book to her last night. It was about the first Easter... and told of Jesus and how he died on the cross. She couldn't understand why God would want Jesus to die, why they put nails in his hands and feet, why the broke the bones of the other criminals who were crucified, why they wrapped Jesus up in cloth and put him in a cave, how the angel moved the big stone from the cave, how did Jesus get to heaven, and on and on and on.

She also wanted to know why there was so much fighting in Israel. Another one that I don't have enough information to answer....

Heck, half the time, I don't understand all of this, either. But I was trying to answer her questions as best I could. Man - Kids ask the hardest questions! I never thought I'd have to know so much to be a mommy...

She was pondering how the soul leaves the body. I told her I didn't know how it happened, that perhaps, it was somehow connected to our bodies while we are alive, but when the body dies, it is freed to just leave the body and fly away.

She then wondered how the soul would fly up to heaven. I told her I didn't know... since I had never done it.

Her reply, "Perhaps it has to get on an airplane and fly to Israel..."

As good a reply as any others out there.

I love her innocence. I love her being so inquisitive. I love the fact that she insists on answers that make sense to her. And I love it that her mind is working to figure out the how and why of everything around her. She is not as accepting of information as I was... she wants an acceptable, plausible answer. And it appears to me she knows when an answer is plausible and when it is not.

Which makes my job harder. But watching her mind at work is marvelous and fascinating!

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