Monday, March 03, 2008

Will we get a referral?

The latest rumors coming from different sources is that March's referrals will have a Jan 04, 2006 LID cutoff. If that is true, then our referral can't be but maybe 2-3 months away. Our LID is Jan 16, 2006.

I have been thinking that, since China has changed its rules as of May of last year, and with our ages and the wait we have had (25 1/2 months and counting), that we will not be granted a referral. It is a nagging feeling I've had since last year in May, and it has been so deprressing at times... But of course, I thought there was a good chance that we wouldn't get a referral during our first wait to adopt... and look what happened. We were matched with a child who was so wonderful.

So, the waiting and not knowing is about to come to an end. At least, in a couple of months, it should be nice to finally KNOW one way or another. The funny thing is, it will have been four years since we adopted Kenzie. Almost four years to the date.

I know it's wishful thinking, but I wish we could get our referral in April. Just like we got Kenzie's.

C'mon CCAA! I am counting on you to make us a family of four. And to give Kenzie a sister... and another of your beautiful children a home and family.

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