Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Looking more like June for referrals

The latest from Rumor Queen is that the cutoff is probably the 12th of January 2006. For the uninitiated in the realm of international adoption, that means that the China Center of Adoption Affairs is currently matching referrals to people's dossiers logged in between Jan 10-12, 2006. Sooooo..... we are Jan 16, which means that we probably won't see a referral until June of this year... or worse, July. My blog is coming true. Did I jinx myself? (NOTE TO SELF: STOP MAKING PREDICTIONS THAT ARE NEGATIVE....)

According to our local allergists, the pollen count for trees and grass is HIGH. No shit! My sinuses and lungs are feeling it right now. I have to occaisionally go into an animal lab that houses rats and mice to do some work, and that usually sends me into a tailspin with my allergies. But when I walk in there and get relief from my allergies... you know the pollen is bad!

Mom is coming along with therapy for her shoulder. Her physical therapist is very satisfied with her ability to walk and get up/down stairs, so she's going to stop the physical therapy on Thursday. But she'll still need about 3-4 weeks of occupational therapy, so she can dress herself. I think someone told mom that she would be "out of here in no time." Can't do that with my mother. She thinks that means that she was going to be sent home last weekend... or this weekend... or in a couple of days... she starts putting dates in her head rather than milestones to reach. But at this point, she's still not very rational. Case in point... she called me last night to say that there was no heat in her room and she's never going to stay in a rehab place ever again. I told her she just needed to talk with the people at the nurse's station. Instead, she wanted me to do it, because she was cold and she wasn't paying for a cold room and she didn't want to stay there any more (same old song and dance with mom...)

So I called the nurse, and she said Mom's roommate just talked with her about the heat not working. (The lady must be 10 years older than mom, but she's got sense enough to go to the source to get help.) The nurse was just leaving to walk down to the room to see what was wrong. Turns out the heating unit was unplugged. Mom can't do anything logical for herself... no - she likes being a victim rather than taking charge of her situations. My brothers are the same way. Sorry to be kvetching this way, but I'm just so tired between the allergies and no sleep and running interference for mom and keeping track of all the appointments I have for her and Kenzie and myself...

I'm hoping spring gets this pollen crap out of the way - only once the tree and grass pollen settle down, it will be weeds. I'm not sure I'll ever beat all the problems I have with the allergies.

OK, kvetching over. Tonight Kenzie is going to have a full dress recital and there will be pictures taken of the girls in their costumes. I am definitely doing the makeup thing with Kenzie. It'll be a trial run for Friday night's rehearsal, and then Saturday night's recital. I'm so excited for her.

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