Monday, May 18, 2009

Home study

Saturday, we had our 6 month home study. I always enjoy seeing Jennifer, the social worker who began this journey with us almost 4 years ago. She is a lovely young woman who is the mother of two young boys (one Kenzie's age and one about 3 years old). Jia wouldn't speak to her at first - which had us laughing in tears almost - Jia is just not like that at all... but once she warmed up to Jennifer, she couldn't be quieted.

Roy brought an old computer keyboard to Jennifer and said "Have her show you her letters." Jia proceeded to name each number and letter for her. Jen was impressed with how much language and understanding - even understanding the nuances of the English language - that Jia had. She said that she was amazed by how much Jia had learned in just six months. Roy and I were thinking that we would keep Jia out of Kindergarten for another year originally - but her learning curve is so steep, we're now considering enrolling her somewhere in Kindergarten. She needs to continue the learning.

I have to say, both Roy and I are astonished and pleased at how quickly Jia learns stuff... and Roy especially is impressed with her intelligence. He worked with Headstart a long time ago as a teacher, so he is familiar with child development and learning. I give him credit - he has been spending time with Jia in the evenings working with her on computers since tax season "officially" ended (he's still doing extensions)... and she is thriving on his attention. He is, without a doubt, a truly great dad.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jennifer again in November. Can't wait to have her see how much Jia is learning at that point.

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