Thursday, May 07, 2009

The other day, Kenzie and Jia were playing "Recital". Kenzie, in her impishness, talked Jia into putting this child's purple lip gloss on her face - around her mouth, her cheeks and eyebrows. That was her recital "make-up". As you can see, Kenzie is in the background and was laughing her hiney off over the whole thing because Jia did what she told her to do.

Now THAT reminds me of me and how I talked my brother Richard (he had been 16 and I was 18) into allowing me to make him up so he looked like a junkie. Red rimmed, sunken eyes, skin was whitened, and I made blue veins sticking out all over - he looked like something from the night of the living dead. I talked him into walking into the police station moaning and walking weirdly - it was a small town so it wasn't like there were dozens of police hanging out at the station - only one. It not only scared the heck out of the lone policeman who was there, Richard got scared too. I was parked outside with my then current boyfriend and he was urging me to just drive off and leave him there.

I couldn't do it.

Another funny thing that happened last night. I'll preface this with telling you that we have told girls that boys have penises and girls have vaginas - because they have brought up the discussion of why boys stand up to pee and girls sit down (thank you daycare and preschool for not making this more private). We have always used the clinical terms for body parts - to encourage direct and frank dialogue between us.

Roy "caught" Jia using the toilet in "his" bathroom (we try to stay out of it except for giving the girls a bath).

He told her that she wasn't allowed to use his bathroom - only boys and rhinos are allowed to use his bathroom.

She told him, "I'm a boy!"

Roy asked her where her penis was.

Jia: I lost it. Now I just have a boogina. (Jia's way of saying vagina.)

Roy: Where did you lose it?

Jia: I dunno. Oops! I found it. It fell in the toilet.

Um... 'nuff said. I don't think Roy could stop laughing long enough to comment back.

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