Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A new name and the first day of school

First, ever since we saw one of Jia's orphanage mates at the adoption agency picnic, and she heard that she was being called by an American name, she decided she wanted to be called by one of her American names as well. So now, she insists on being called Richelle. Quite frankly, I think it fits her well.

Today was the first day of school. Kenzie and Richelle were beside themselves to go and have their first full day. So was mom... which should go without saying. Ahem...

Like a dummy, I didn't take my camera to take a picture of Richelle as she left for her first day - DUH! The grin on her face lit up the whole neighborhood. Of course, as the bus pulled up, she ran to me, so excited that the bus was here! Get on the bus, silly!

But I did take pictures of her after she got off the bus today... and that smile was still there. However, I will let you know she told me she did get a time out for talking. It's going to be a long school year for the teacher.

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