Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Jia picked the name Richelle

I had someone ask how Jia decided on the name Richelle. It is one of her middle names. She learned her full name fairly quickly - and had played around with being called Josie (her first name) but that faded too quickly. Plus, this mama had a hard time remembering to call her Josie... she just doesn't look like a Josie to me.

She really looks like a Richelle to me, and I think it fits her well. After hearing people mispronounce her name over and over , and seeing her friend from the orphanage using an American name, she came to her own conclusion that she wanted to be called Richelle.

Richelle was in honor of my father, whose name was Richard.

I have always said that Richelle reminds me so much of me as a kid... funny how things turn out. When I was in first grade, I remember getting sent to the coat closet for talking and not respecting Mrs. Clarissey's position as teacher. I was so ashamed... I cried buckets the whole time I was in there (which probably wasn't more than 5 minutes). I never ever talked when a teacher was talking again. Yeah, my daughter could have really been my bio kid - if not for the Chinese thing and my not giving birth to her... but other than that... she's just like me.

OMG... now I know what I'm in for as she grows up.

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