Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just musing for a moment

OK, this isn't an earth shattering entry this time, unless you think pics from the weekend are a big deal.

Just wanted to share some pics of Kenzie and my mom. First, I thought the two pics of mom and Kenzie were about the two best pics I've taken of them together in a long time. Second, you can see the progression of the pics I've taken of her, and at some point she said, "That's enough!"

Unfortunately for her, it wasn't. I told her that I was going to take pics until I got what I wanted, so she better just suck it up and give me a genuine smile. I got it...

OH, I am such a mean mommy! LOL!

The last pic is of Kenzie at a good friend's house. Deb and her husband went on a trip to Italy for a vacation, and in Venice, they bought carnival masks. They actually found one for a child - and bought it for Kenzie. As Kenzie said, "Don't I look fetching?"

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cabbagemintor said...

There is a genuine and natural affection betwenn Kenzie and her gran (or Mernaw? I have not heard grandmother addressed thus before.)It is lucky that you live near enough to each other to be able to visit often. And the other grandmother is in Chicago, which is not so bad.