Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What great support...

I have to say that I am blown away by the support everyone has shown us. Thank you!

We got her medicals today and have forwarded everything to the IA doc. Now it is just a waiting game. I am not crazy about waiting... but I've waited so long - a couple more days won't hurt.

I don't know why, but I'm a lot calmer this time around than the last time. And I am once again planning everything in my head as to what we will be bringing and how I can approach her and make her feel more comfortable... what do I need to know or what words will I need to be able to speak to her in her own language to comfort her and communicate a little bit... or at least to understand what she is saying.

I need to find a good book on adopting older children from China - or older international children in general. Or find someplace where I can get expert advice from BTDT parents who adopted 4-6 y/0 kids and can help with suggestions. I just want to get it right so I'm not pulling my hair out or making things worse by doing something that will hurt the relationship from the start.

Counting my chickens before they've hatched here, so to speak. But I can't help myself. I want to be the mother to another little girl. And Kenzie wants a sister. OH, Please God, let this all come together.

Met Kenzie's Kindergarten teacher and she is very nice. I think Kenzie will love her. I leave in 3 minutes to take her to her school so she can see where she's going to go and to meet her teacher.


Hearts of Hope said...

Congrats! This is a great age! We adopted 3 girls from China in that age range and it has been an awesome experience. They are now 10, 12, and 12.


Allen and Dawn said...

Julie, we had a few families that adopted older children when we traveled in May. E-mail me or post to me in our yahoo group through FTIA and we'll find a way to get you in touch with them. Congratulations, by the way! Can't wait to see a picture!

Mark and Judy said...

Hi, My name is Judy and we just adopted a 4.5 year old in December, one resource is:

all in one line of course! If you have specific questions, you can email me at dukenjudy@yahoo.com

-it's been an interesting ride! LOL!! Our daughter's SN is mild cerebral palsy. She will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks!

Hope I can help,
Mommy to Dana, 7, Leah, 6 in 2 weeks and Anna Kate, 5. Oh and Mia the puppy, 12 weeks today!

cheepette8 said...

We adopted our daughter from China last year and she was 4 1/2. It is an awesome age. Feel free to email at cheepette8@aol.com if you have any questions.

Bill and Bobbie said...

i hope everything works out!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Been fallowing your story, and I just wanted to send you and your family a few words! Congratulations on your new daughter. You have been so brave about all this and now your child will be placed with you :)

Enjoy :)
Birna Iceland

laurel said...

We had the same thing happen as you. Only we didn't pick up her special needs until we actually had her. After having her 24 hours, we turned her down and got another baby. It was a terrible time. We have a bio son with special needs and we knew it would be too hard with both especially since we didn't know the extent of her SN. It was so hard especially since we had her. We still deal with issues and it has been over a year. She has since been adopted through the special needs program. THe family she is in now, is her perfect family. Things will be okay. Know it is hard and the questions and feelings will last a long time, even though what you have done is the right thing for her and her family.

Truly Blessed said...

Congratulations, I certainly hope no red flags appear...

Another little one gets a family, how cool is that?

lmgnyc said...

I found your blog through Rumor Queen. We came home from China with our daughter three years ago. I read a book recently that may be helpful to you, it's called "Raising your Internationally adopted child from the first hours through the teen years" by Patty Cogan. It is an amazing resource and very readable.
Congratulations and good luck.