Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is there a budding musician in the family?

We were at Best Buy yesterday... I took in my computer to have them check it out and to upgrade the ram (it was on sale). While there, they had some kind of interactive computer game (I didn't think to check it out to find out what it was - if anyone knows, leave a comment!) It was for playing music - you could set it up to have guitars, drums and to sing... I don't know if it had the ability to be set up for anything else.

Anyway, Kenzie just HAD to try out playing the drums. For the first time, the clerk set it up for beginner status and chose a simple rock song for her to do. She didn't do too badly. She caught on real quick which drum she was supposed to hit (although rhythm is still an issue). Then when I got through doing some of the things I wanted to do, she was begging me to go back and let her play the drums again. The second time, there were two young men playing guitar... so I told her she'd have to wait. They asked her to sit with them (these were two young, late teens to early twenties guys, Tim and Tom - and guys, your moms would be proud of you!) but she at first refused. After they finished playing their tune, she went ahead and started playing with them. It was absolutely adorable! I couldn't stop giggling...

After she was done, she was begging once again to get a guitar so she could learn to play it. As much as she wants it right now, I think she'd lose interest when she'd find out how much work it is to learn how to play one. If she's still asking for one by the time she's about 8 or 9 year sold, we'll do what we can to get her one and to get her some lessons. I am a firm believer that learning to play an instrument is GOOD for kids and is also helpful with their math skills.

I wish I could thank Tim and Tom again for their kindness to a little girl who just wants to do what the big kids do.

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Diana said...

Rock Band:)
It is FUN!!!