Saturday, September 13, 2008

Too funny pictures.

Just had to share the following pics of Kenzie. She was "posing" her version of a model. Strong but cute.

Hey - Tyra! Pay attention!


Mendy said...

Such a cutie!

cabbagemintor said...

Kenzie is a litte Zhang Zi Yi. The resemblance is uncanny. I recently watched Memoirs of a Geisha Girl on the telly; and I kept thinking how Kenzie looks like her. The outfit is a knockout! The poses are professional quality! LOL!!!

Julie said...

cabbagemintor - Every Chinese person who sees her videos or pictures say she looks JUST EXACTLY like Zhang Zi Yi. I have several of her movies and I don't see it... but I haven't studied her face as closely as I'm sure those who see her a lot more than I do would have.

I've also had a couple people encourage us to get her into modeling... but we're reluctant to do that.

cabbagemintor said...

There are a lot of Chinese girls that westerners call "beautiful" but not really according to Chinese people. Kenzie is the traditional, classic Chinese beauty that Chinese would probably all agree on. When we see Zhang ZI Yi, we compare her to all the Chinese girls we know, so we have a better frame of reference than westerners do. So trust us, Julie, on this one. Your daughter is very like her. As to modelling, it is a tricky one. You are mature and wise enough to make the right decision and would probably know how to handle a daughter in the public eye. Personaaly, I won't go for it when she is still so young.