Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thank you, God, for all that you have blessed me with.

I have been a royal shit for most of my life (ok, ok - I'm still a royal shit...) so I know that all You have given me is out of Your love and forgiveness of my errors, mistakes and waywardness.

You blessed me with a husband that has loved me and forgiven me all my shenanigans - and they have been many. He has stood by me throughout the years, and is my steadfast partner and love.

Most of all, You blessed us both with two children who have made our lives complete, giving us a purpose and filling us with love... the joy You have given us is immeasurable.


We brought my mother home to have Thanksgiving with us. I am grateful we have had another year with mom. Having been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I wonder how fast it will progress, so any time we have with her that she knows what is going on or doesn't have any confusion, that's precious to me and the kids. They were so excited to have their Memaw at our home, they nearly drove her nuts showing her stuff and talking to her...

Thanks be to God for our being able to have her with us.

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