Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween is the kids' favorite holiday

Last Wednesday, the kids got to carve pumpkins at our friends' Deb & Pet's house. That was a new experience for Richelle, too. At first, she was quite surprised at the feel of the gooey, slimey insides... but she acclimated quickly - to her, it was just another fun thing to do. They created their own designs, and they came out real cute.

Kenzie's Richelle's

Needless to say, Richelle got a taste of an American cultural holiday that is right up her alley - especially because she gets to dress up and then be given candy in return for going door to door. Last night, the kids went at it hot and heavy for quite some time... and the cutest thing is, although Kenzie would say thank you when given candy, Richelle threw in an extra Happy Halloween with her thank you's! It was too cute.

The night before, we got the kids dressed up for Roy's workplace Halloween party for the kids and their parents... it is for the staff and students. It was so crowded, we had a hard time doing anything easily. And the kids wanted to go through the haunted house portion - around the first corner, a guy jumped out and said boo - and Kenzie was a puddle of tears. Richelle jumped, but laughed it off. Talk about two different personalities. But Richelle did hold a little tighter to my hand...

After the haunted house, Kenzie was having trouble enjoying herself... and it shows in most of her photos... until the end of the night. She just wasn't her bubbly self. Nothing stopped Richelle from enjoying the night.

By the way - I did the makeup job. Creepy for Kenzie (she was supposed to be a vampire) and cutsie for Richelle (the cheerleader).

Whaddya think?

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